Tours (Rate)

Local Rate

Non-Local Rate

Whale Shark Watching

Stay on the boat (per head) P300 P500
Snorkeling (per head) P500 P1000

Tumalog Waterfalls

[Round Trip] Transportation: Motorcycle or Multicab (per head) P120 P120
Entrance Fee (per head) P20 P20

Sumilon Island

[Round Trip] Transportation: Pumpboat
1-5 Group Members (per group) P1500 P1500
6-10 Group Members (per group) P2000 P2000
11-15 Group Members (per group) P2500 P2500
Entrance Fee (per head) P50 P50

Heritage Park

[Round Trip] Transportation: Motorcycle or Multicab (per head) P120 P120

Cebu City / Mactan Airport

[Pick Up/Drop Off] Transportation: Hi-Ace Van
Airport to BCD’s Place (per group) P4500 P4500
BCD’s Place to Airport (per group) P4500 P4500
Cebu City to BCD’s Place (per group) P4000 P4000
BCD’s Place to Cebu City (per group) P4000 P4000

Santander [Lilo-an Port]

[Pick Up/Drop Off] Transportation: Multicab
1-5 Group Members (per group) P600 P600
6 and above Group Members (per head) P100 P100

Samboan [Aguinid Falls]

[Round Trip] Transportation: Multicab
1-2 Group Members (with entrance fee) (per group) P1000 P1000
3 and above Group Members (with entrance fee) (per head) P360 P360

Alegria [Matutinao River]

[Round Trip] Transportation (per group) P1600 P1600
[Pick Up/Drop Off] Transportation (per group) P1200 P1200
Canyoneering (with food)
1-4 Group Members (per head) P1500 P1500
6 and above Group Members (per head) P1300 P1300

Badian [Kawasan Falls]

[Round Trip] Transportation: Hi-Ace Van (per group) P3500 P3500

Moalboal [Beach]

[Drop Off] Transportation: Hi-Ace Van
BCD’s Place to Moalboal (per group) P3500 P3500

Dalaguete [Osmena Peak]

[Round Trip] Transportation: Hi-Ace (until Mantalongon Market only) (per group) P3500 P3500

Sibonga [Simala Church]

[Side Trip] Transportation: Hi-Ace Van (per group) P500 (add) P500 (add)